I have always loved beautiful things

The sun shining through the trees; dappling the forest floor. The sound of my mother's laugh; authentic, free, and right from the belly. A smile on the face of a person I love. Acts of kindness with no desire for anything in return. A confident soul wearing beautiful clothing and adorned with uniquely elegant, yet whimsical pieces of jewelry...

So that's mostly what you'll find here: photos of confident souls, all of whom I love very much, with smiling faces wearing my version of uniquely elegant, yet whimsical pieces of jewelry. And with every piece, a portion of profits is donated to an organization I've selected; one which supports the change I want to see in the world and creates joy in the lives of those who most deserve it.

Starting at the beginning of the year and through the end of March; a portion of all profits will be donated to the Love Land Foundation, a therapy fund for black women and girls.


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The Orbit Bracelet